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Tutorial Videos

How to make a live stage on OozeBear - the basics.

Compatibility Tip:
iPhones, iPads, the Safari browser, Microsoft Edge browser, and Internet Explorer currently do not support the technology the OozeBear uses to create live stages or to let people join live stages.
PCs, Macs, and Android smartphones using Chrome or Firefox browsers will work. iPhones and Safari browser can still listen to past recorded stages, they just cannot join or create a live stage until Apple updates their software.

More advanced OozeBear Live Stage Features

Schedule a future stage

How to make a past improv recording public for others to be able to hear it.

How to play 1 on 1 in an unrecorded improv practice with another OozeBear user.

How to enable receiving support as a performer on OozeBear.

More written explanation on setting up Stripe here link