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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I connect to 1 On 1 calls or live stages?

The most likely reason is that you are on an iPhone, iPad, or the Safari browser. The underlying technology that OozeBear uses has not yet been accepted by these browsers but hopefully will soon. (We need to keep pestering them about it.) In the meanwhile, you should try using a PC, Mac, and Android device and connect through either Chrome or Firefox browsers. iPhone, iPads, and the Safari browser are still able to always listen to past stage recordings, just not connect to live stages.

If you are still having connection problems try clicking here to logout of any potential guest OozeBear accounts you may have created and then try logging back in.

If you've tried all of that and are still having trouble, you can contact support at

Are you saying performers can make money from using OozeBear?

Yes. OozeBear performers can receive support from their audiences if they have enabled their account to be activated with Stripe credit card processing OR they can receive donations by getting Plays on your recordings from the OozeBear Ad Sharing Program. You can watch a read more and watch video on how to enable your account for donations here (How To Enable Support Direction)

Where do I go to access my Stripe account balance?

You can go to

How does OozeBear make money to support the platform?

OozeBear receives a 5% platform fee on support and tickets sent to the performers in order to develop, maintain, expand the capabilities of the platform for all performers and audiences.

Does OozeBear record everything on every stage or 1 on 1 call?

OozeBear only records the live stages that are on air. OozeBear does not record or preserve any of the conversations that happen on "1 On 1" calls.

Why can't I find the recording of a stage?

The recordings of live stages are not immediately released. They must be made public by the stage's creator under "MY RECORDINGS" in the main menu.

Where do I go if I have a complaint about another user?

You can email OozeBear support at