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OozeBear is a free and open audio platform focused on improv and comedy. In order to grow and continue to be free OozeBear is creating memberships and accepting donations to keep this place so special. Anything and everything is helpful and thank you so much if you are able to help out. And beyond donations, you can also help by sharing and spreading the word about OozeBear to other improvisers and creative folks!

Eric Holmes

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Stick it to a laptop, water bottle, cellphone, mailbox, notebook, microphone, recycling bin, candle, calendar, young human, old human, etc. 2 inch diameter means it's good.

OozeBear T-shirt


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This soft tee says "Look at my arms but also respect me". You will not find this cylindrical poncho in any of the upcoming GAP or Fitch catalogues because they don't deserve it. The full OozeBear body logo is elegant yet stoic as it stares at your left shoulder, fixated eternal. River wash only.

OozeBear Snapback Hat


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When you're in the sun but you also want to not be, plop this on your melon. And the logo on the front ain't too shabby neither. Wear it backwards when you're mad!