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Awards & Coins


What are OozeBear awards and coins?

An OozeBear award is a way to mark a moment you thought was hilarious, brilliant, or perfectly executed by a fellow OozeBear-ian and save it for posterity. It will leave a timestamp on the recording and alert the improviser that you gave it to with a link to jump directly to the timestamp. Awards support both OozeBear and let other improvisers know that you're loving what they are creating.

Awards you've both received and given will show up on your profile page as well as link you directly to your favorite moments with a click!

An OozeBear coin is the virtual good that allows you to give awards to other people.

Check out what how much each type of awards costs in coins below.

Types of Awards

Round of A-Paws Award Round of A-Paws   1 coin

Present this award to someone who really gets you giggling and deserves some claps.

Roaring Laughter Award Roaring Laughter   3 coins

Bestow this upon a moment where someone cracks you up or when someone makes a downright impressive move.