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OozeBear Supporting Artists

Eric Holmes:
Posted: Jan 5th, 2021

Supporting the content creators and creative artists is the most important focus of OozeBear as a platform. The list below explains how that support can be seen through ways to earn money for artists through OozeBear.

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OozeBear Ad Sharing Program (OASP)

OozeBear's most prominent feature to support artists allows content creators and the players tagged on public recordings to receive revenue from the ads shown on the recording pages. OozeBear shares up to 50% of the ad revenue that it gains from recording pages and donates it back to the artists who's content is being played. The OASP will share the money made evenly among everyone tagged on the recording who have also setup their account. This is the easiest way for artists gain support for their work without directly asking listeners to pay for anything.

Set a Stage Ticket / Class Price

If you want to hold a paid event you can also set a ticket price for attending the live stage recording session. Hosts of the event can create a public or private invite link and even set the maximum number of participants allowed in the audience. Also, hosts can give out a free ticket code to get their co-performers or friends and family in the live event for free. All attendees must have an OozeBear account.

Subscribers / Donations During a Show

All OozeBear users who have created an account by default are able to subscribe to other users. This allows users to alert their subscribers whenever they create a live stage recording so that they can gather an audience quickly and not miss out on their favorite performers. Also, all OozeBear users can enable their account to be able to receive support. This allows fans to donate to their favorite performers and support their work directly. Donations can happen anytime during a live stage recording or outside of a live stage by going to "Menu">"Support A Player".

Set a Recording's Access Price

Setting an Access Price on a public recording allows artists to charge a fee for people to be able to listen to it. This can allow you to still charge those who may have been unable to make it to a live recording that would have required buying a ticket. The proceeds go to the host of the stage recording.


OozeBear also has an Awards system where listeners can give Awards at specific moments on a recordings to players. It's a good way to get recordings more notoriety and show the performers that you love what they are doing.

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