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OozeBear Ad Sharing Program

help_outline What is the OozeBear Ad Sharing Program?

The OozeBear Ad Sharing Program (OASP) is OozeBear's commitment to share up to 50% (or more) of the ad revenue it earns from ads placed on public recordings and donate it back to the hosts and players who are tagged. If you share recordings you've hosted or are tagged on, you can earn money from them just by getting more plays! A simple way to try it out is to join and play in an official OozeBear Monday jam and you'll be tagged on the recording after it's made public! It's free real estate...

done_outline How to Be Eligible

  1. You must be located in the US to be eligible..
  2. Enable support
    • After logging in, go to "Menu" > "Enable Support With Stripe". Learn more
  3. Create a public recording or be tagged on a public recording.
  4. Share the recording to get Plays. The more Plays the recording gets, the more it will receive from the OASP.

notes About the OASP

OozeBear created the OASP to further support and benefit content creators on the platform. In order to protect the growth of OozeBear as a startup company the OASP is voluntary by OozeBear and operates out of the good will of the company. Reach out to the founder, Eric Holmes, at oozebear@gmail.com if you have any questions, want more clarification, or just want to chat more about improv and life.

Also it's important to note, this is not a contract between OozeBear and its users. We hope you understand and trust in this necessary clarification and in return we will always strive to put supporting OozeBear artists at the core of the platform's focus as it grows. The underlying point of the program is the more that we can support the artists to be able to grow, the more OozeBear will grow too. We're walking hand in hand, bay-bayy!

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