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All Play Live Open Improv Jam
Saturday April 4th, 2020
3:00PM EST

Hosted by ebonecapone
Listen to the last jam here

NEWS! Tiny Improv Festival

OozeBear is sponsoring an online improv festival while everything is seemingly shutdown. Learn more here and maybe you could win something!
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Getting Started

Step 1: Create your stage

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Step 2: Share your stage link

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Step 3: Run your show

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When I found OozeBear I was blown away. I said to myself "Whoever made this is me".

- Founder, Eric Holmes

What is OozeBear?

OozeBear is the improv stage for the internet.

Whether you are a fan, a new fledgling performer looking to practice in private, or an experienced player OozeBear's improv online is right for you. Make a stage and start scenes with anyone, anywhere. You can play or practice in private or broadcast your performances to the public. You can do everything you love about "in person" improv online.

Support Each Other

Engage with your favorite improvisers by sharing their stages on social media, participating as an active crowd, and by directly donating to them to support their continued work. OozeBear is always striving to build a supportive online improv community.

Support artists with donations.

Be a Character

Unleash your creativity in improv scenes online with other great people. Become any character you want as long as you follow where the fun takes you.

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- Or -

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Be a Fan

Engage and interact as the supportive audience every improviser needs. Laugh, clap, and give new scene suggestions on cue for the performers. Through the improv app or website you can speak directly to your favorite performers or even play a game or two.

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What is improv?

Improv is a way of saying that nothing is scripted.

Make up who, where, and what is going on off the top of your head. Performing and listening to improvisational scenes and comedy can be a very refreshing change of pace to life, often is hilarious, and a great way to meet new people. Improv online is a great way to also cure any stage fright you may have to be able try improv in the comfort of your own home.

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